Contact numbers
  • México (55) 53 11 17 33
  • León (477) 152 22 00
  • Guadalajara (33) 3811 2641
  • Culiacán (667) 714 88 78
  • Monterrey (81) 8289 2220
  • Torreón (871) 1692 593
  • Mexicali (686) 559 73 30
  • Honduras (504) 557 03 70
  • Nicaragua (505) 268 39 02
  • Guatemala (502) 23 63 21 50
  • El Salvador (505) 298 14 14
  • Colombia (57-5) 344 9324
  • Costa Rica (506) 4 53 12 51



NOVATEC PAGANI is the leading company in the design and manufacture of plastic containers and pallets in Mexico. The company began operations in January of 1981 in the city of Leon, Guanajuato. This prosperous city is allocated in the central region of the country. Furthermore, its strategic position allows the company to rapidly respond to the market requirements in any part of the country. Additionally, export activities to the United States, Central and South America are easily led from this strategicsite.

Since its inception, Novatec Pagani has been leaning towards the analysis and fulfilment of the market requirements. In order to satisfy its customers; solutions to the handling, manoeuvre, distribution and storage of their goods are offered by the company. Furthermore, Novatec Pagani’s practices strongly focus on problem analysis, technological research and solution implementations. Certainly, our philosophy has allowed developing, maintaining and supporting an innovative and efficient line of products.

Presently, the company has presence all over Mexico through the network of strategically allocated branches that self-manage own warehouses and sales offices. In addition, in the city of Lima in Peru, the company operates a manufacturing plant. Furthermore, a project to install a manufacturing plant in Honduras is being evaluated. Finally, a network of distributors allocated in Central and South America aids to increase Novatec Pagani’s presence in Latin America. To create a company in constant development, to create an annual constant growth rate of 20%, to implement ethical managerial policies and to construct solid, long lasting relationships with our customers, is NOVATEC PAGANI’s philosophy.

TÜV Rheinland Certified

We are a certified company with ISO 9001:2000 given by TÜV Rheinland, international organization leading on independent technical services for quality, security and enviroment.




30 years of experience, tradition and the dynamism of a young company, they have allowed to combine in the mills PAGANI characteristics that place us as indisputable leaders of the sector.


italhome group


It born as a line of products for the home, focused on the high desing and the total quality.


prinsel group


Young company that has steadied itself as leader in the sector of infantile articles and toys.


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